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Boat Dock Usage Rules
The Mahopac Point Homeowners Association
Boat Docking Guidelines

The following rules are established for the use of docking facilities owned and maintained by the Mahopac Point Owners Association.  These rules apply to the boat docking facilities on both Sycamore Road and Tamarack Road.

  1. Use of these facilities is restricted to members in good standing (dues paid in full, not in violation of the bylaws or guidelines) of the Mahopac Point Owners Association. 
  2. All powered watercraft must be properly registered for use in the State of New York.
  3. Only watercraft registered in the name of the property owner of the Mahopac Point Owners Association may use these facilities. A copy of the registration must be provided by the homeowner prior to first year assignment of docking space, and it will be kept on file with Mahopac Point Owners Association. All homeowners who wish to use the docking facilities must sign the INDEMNITY AGREEMENT attached to these guidelines.  Failure to sign this agreement will automatically prevent the homeowner from using the facilities.  The INDEMNITY AGREEMENTS will be maintained on file with Mahopac Point Owners Association. The INDEMNITY AGREEMENT must be completed without altering its terms. If it is altered, permission to use the dock facility will be denied.
  4. Homeowners wanting a space must submit a dated letter to the Docks and Trails Chairperson requesting a space.  The Docks and Trails Chairperson will provide guideline restrictions and inform the homeowner of their standing position on the waiting list for a space.
  5. The Chairperson of the Docks Committee will maintain a list of all homeowners who wish to use the docking facilities.  In the event a space becomes available, the Chairperson will notify the next eligible homeowner on the list.  Upon such notice the homeowner will have 30 days to supply copy of current registration, proof of liability insurance, signed INDEMNITY AGREEMENT and a check payable to MPOA for their boat slip fee. Without the proper paper work and payment, the homeowner forgoes their boat slip.
  6. To renew, the homeowner will receive a separate invoice for their dock space fee and the homeowner must pay the fee and provide current proof of liability insurance no later than May 1. Failure to do so will result in the homeowner forgoing their boat slip. 
  7. Canoes and kayaks must be taken from the water and placed in the designated storage area.  Abandoned canoes and kayaks or other non-motorized vessels will be discarded or donated to a good cause 
  8. All comments and suggestions for the proper maintaining of the docks facilities should be brought to the attention of the Chairperson of the Docks Committee.
  9. After Sunset no loitering or excessive noise.
  10. No boats will dock, pick up passengers, drop off passengers at the Tamarack Swim Dock or the Sycamore Beach
  11. No watercraft over 22 feet permitted to dock at MPOA Sycamore boat docks.  No watercraft over 24 feet at MPOA Tamarack Boat docks.
  12. Pets must be leashed at all times while on docks and trails, and the owner must clean up after their pets.
  13. Homeowners are required to moor powered watercraft within their assigned docking spaces without infringing on other spaces. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the homeowner’s use of the docking facilities.

Boat dock spaces are limited. To be put on the waiting list contact info@mahopacpoint.com